An analysis of the character of macbeth throughout william shakespeares macbeth

Act 3 Scene 4 Banquo's ghost appears to Macbeth alone, showing his overactive imagination triggered by a guilty conscience.

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Having committed murder he finds himself caught in a spiral of evil from which he can see no escape. Essentially, though, he is a human being whose private ambitions are made clear to the audience through his asides and soliloquies solo speeches.

However, despite the inner division caused by these forces greater than his struggling and weakening conscience, he is still able to murder, acting decisively like the soldier we meet at the start of the play.

An analysis of the character of macbeth throughout william shakespeares macbeth

He has a conscience, which hinders him at first in securing the crown. This was unsurprising, since the infamous Gunpowder Plot to blow up the King and Parliament had taken place just months before Macbeth was first performed. This divided conscience continues to the end of the play, where there is a sense of relief when the soldiers arrive at his gate. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Although Lady Macbeth was successful at convincing Macbeth to murder Duncan, the Three Witches were the people who made it all possible. Read an in-depth analysis of Macbeth. Read an in-depth analysis of Lady Macbeth. Act 1 Scene 7 Macbeth has just spent a difficult time convincing himself that killing the King is wrong. For example, we watch how vulnerable this soldier is to Lady Macbeth's questioning of his masculinity. He is clearly a brave warrior and leader at the start of the drama but he falls victim to the Witches' predictions. These often conflict with the opinion others have of him, which he describes as "golden" I:7, She is loving, yet very determined that her husband will be king.

He tells Lady Macbeth that he will not carry out the deed. After a while Macbeth and his friend are stopped by some messengers of the king, who are empowered by him to confer upon Macbeth the dignity of Thane of Cawdor: an event so miraculously corresponding with the predictions of the witches astonishes Macbeth, who begins to think about the other and more important prophecy; particularly, to obtain the throne, he begins to think of murdering Duncan, the current king.

Macbeth insists on keeping the power until the end. They clearly take a perverse delight in using their knowledge of the future to toy with and destroy human beings.

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Their predictions prompt him to murder Duncan, to order the deaths of Banquo and his son, and to blindly believe in his own immortality. This fact emerges from his strange reaction after the prophecies of the witches.

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But even as he questions his own actions, he is nevertheless compelled to commit further atrocities in order to cover up his previous wrongdoings.

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