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Most of the cases were result of medical error and unprepared hospitals. The references of these papers were checked to discover additional related articles. Results 35 studies 19 countries were included in the primary search, and 2 in the update.

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We included studies where the focus was on healthy pregnant women, who are the majority of those accessing intrapartum care around the world. In conjunction with big data it allows for extraction of valuable information. This newly found list of successful strategies can shed light on clinical practice in order to create a positive perception of childbirth experience. The modified version was piloted on eight random RCTs, then re-modified accordingly. We have ability to prevent it, by analyzing each cause and predict with monitoring the cases and usage of the Big Data and Analytics. Table 1 Excluded papers with reason. For an instrument to receive good levels of reliability and validity, extensive development and testing of psychometric properties is needed [ 17 ].

Such interventions directly deal with pregnant or childbearing women as a target population [ 14 ]. The classification of related evidence and identification of successful approaches will help policymakers in the planning of clinical practice.

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This could provide a basis for service improvement, locally, and internationally. Introduction Optimum outcomes for pregnant women and their babies depend on acceptable, affordable, accessible, high quality provision of maternity care during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period [ 1 ].

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Any potential conflicts were solved by the third reviewer. Such mistreatment can occur both in the interaction between the woman and health care provider as through systematic failures in health facilities and health system levels. Successful strategies in prevention of negative birth experience were presence of a trained birth companion, relaxation through massage and music, early labour assessment to minimize obstetric interventions, and being prepared for childbirth through individual birth plan. Therefore, it is evident there is a lack of recommendations within national guidelines regarding the prevention of PBT [ 1 , 13 ]. Reducing maternal death during childbirth requires in-depth examination of isolated causes of death. Predictive Analytics Many tools are being utilized for predictive analytics usage, such as data mining, statistics and historical facts. From to pregnancy related death increased by 1.

The remaining titles and abstract were assessed independently by two researchers HN and an assistant, JC.

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What matters to women during childbirth: A systematic qualitative review