A mans trial for something he did not do in snow falling on cedars

Hatsue is forced to define herself in terms of either her Japanese or American culture but cannot have both.

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Guterson stays in the gray, leaving the reader to guess what happens next, to define right and wrong, and to discern the meaning of and motivation behind the actions of the novel's central characters. Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. Boat Names. He was also a war veteran who, unlike the damaged Horace or Ishmael, was able to keep his past safely buried out of sight. Carl's response is "'It doesn't really come down to her. All told, some , Japanese Americans were deported from their homes to hastily built camps such as Tule Lake and Manzanar, where they lived behind barbed wire for the duration of the war. We'll get your harvest in, see what comes of that July. When Kabuo lies out of what he believes to be self-defense, he tells Nels that telling the truth can be difficult. Unfortunately, the comparison is often not favorable.

Not insignificant, then, is the fact that when Hatsue and Kabuo make love for the first time "Outside snow had drifted against the barracks wall.

Hatsue starts dating Kabuo in late summer, which is just about the time that Ishmael is going through basic training.

A mans trial for something he did not do in snow falling on cedars

Now one of those survivors—a gill-netter named Carl Heine—has drowned under mysterious circumstances and another fisherman is on trial for his murder. When Kabuo assists Carl, it is their shared identity as fishermen that ultimately allows them to put their other differences aside.

What other characters in this novel adhere to a code of solitude?

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Several witnessesincluding Etta Heine, Carl's mother, accuse Kabuo of murdering Carl for racial and personal reasons. From that time forward, she works successfully at putting Ishmael out of her mind.

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Prejudice, Unexplained Death in 'Snow Falling on Cedars'