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Lynne Cheney Biography As President, Coolidge demonstrated his determination to preserve the old moral and economic precepts amid the material prosperity which many Americans were enjoying. Most Americans, identifying their own prosperity with the growth of corporate profits, welcomed this reversal of progressive reforms.

He rapidly became popular. That's why the strike was illegal. This book will accompany well, the biography called Calvin Coolidge by David Greenberg.

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A real study in character and humble beginnings. He is the only U. He is also the only President to have had the oath of office administered by his father, a justice of the peace, who swore him in when the Coolidges received word of President Warren G. Four-fifths of all our troubles in this life would disappear if we would only sit down and keep still. It seems to me that it is almost impossible for those who have not traveled that road to reach a very clear conception of what the world now means. He went on to serve as mayor of Northampton before returning to the state legislature, this time serving in the Senate. Yet history doesn't really support this caricature of a man who actually was a highly intelligent and complex individual. Presidents have died on the Fourth of July, John Calvin Coolidge was the first and only one to have been born on that date, in The chapters on Coolidge's presidency are the real disappointment.

It suits all the business interests which want to be let alone His famous statement "There is no right to strike against the public safety, by any body, any time, any where" apparently was not said in any public address, but written in a letter replying to AFL leader Samuel Gompers, who had telegraphed Coolidge to request that Coolidge fire the Boston police commissioner and reinstate the police officers who had been fired for illegally attempting to form an AFL-affiliated union.

Yet history doesn't really support this caricature of a man who actually was a highly intelligent and complex individual.

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In his Inaugural he asserted that the country had achieved "a state of contentment seldom before seen," and pledged himself to maintain the status quo. I think it just wasn't in his nature to speak candidly about any of his personal or interpe I have been an admirer of Calvin Coolidge as was President Reagan for several years, and have not found anything negative to say about him. This was an interesting time in America, but unfortunately Coolidge chooses not to describe it. Yet he remains far more mysterious than I or presumably his biographers would have hoped. Under the leadership of Coolidge and Mellon, Congress sharply reduced income taxes and estate taxes. It was not his way. I suppose Coolidge avoided discussing Dawes simply because he had nothing good to say about him and believed in the rule 'if you can't say anything nice, say nothing. Coolidge also vetoed a bill offering a bonus to veterans of World War I; Congress overrode that veto in Published in , this seems to be as close to an authorized biography of Coolidge as has been written. Shortly after the convention, however, he experienced a personal tragedy.

Worse, Coolidge has relatively little to say even about certain issues and events in his life and career that biographers later deemed very significant. Coolidge was also suspicious of foreign alliances, discouraging American membership in the League of Nations. Government regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commissionnow were staffed by people who sought to assist business expansion rather than to police business practices.

Harding and Coolidge beat opponents James M.

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Probably by self-design, Calvin Coolidge is a very difficult person to get to know. At times it feels too blindly opinionated and distant from the facts.

The younger Coolidge, like his mother, was an outgoing and gregarious boy, and his death affected his father deeply.

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The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge